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California is a global leader in its environmental stewardship, pioneering bold programs to protect the planet.


For decades, the Golden State has spearheaded effective recycling programs for bottles, cans, paper, used oil, tires, batteries and mattresses. 


And carpet. 

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In 2010, the state legislature enacted Assembly Bill 2398, designed to increase the diversion and recycling of carpet in the state of California. California’s Carpet Stewardship Program was born!


In 2017, the program’s statute was modified by AB 1158, continuing the mission of finding ways to improve the balance between the growth of carpet reclamation and recycling and still letting the market work.

Since the inception of AB 2398, the carpet manufacturing industry’s stewardship program has given rise to a growing and diverse carpet recycling market that previously did not exist; creating jobs, diverting used carpet from landfills, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. 

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California's post-consumer statewide carpet recycling program is managed and implemented by Carpet America Recovery Effort (CARE) – a nonprofit charged with the program’s implementation and funded by a current $0.35/per square yard fee on sales. The program, created by legislation authored by former Assembly Speaker John Perez, is leading the nation with a successful model of a comprehensive post-consumer carpet recycling program.


Since 2011, CARE has been effective in significantly increasing the amount of used carpet recycled in California. California is the only state in the nation to model a comprehensive carpet recycling program that supports emerging recycling-product technologies, equipment and increased collections.


Through the state’s Carpet Stewardship Program, grant money is available to support local recyclers as they purchase new equipment, increase carpet collection and develop innovative new product testing.


As California continues to see an increase in carpet recycling and emerging recycling product technologies, the Carpet America Recovery Effort is dedicated to establishing stable grant funding each year.


Additional information on CARE grants, recipients, post-carpet products produced and more is available on their website

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